Just In Case…

If you were wondering what has happened to me…no I’ve not been kidnapped by aliens …. but elves!! It’s my most wonderful time of the year!!

This place is tore upside down (dining room and table completely covered with fall decorations) as always but so far so good 😄

This is the beginning of many many many totes –

And this is what comes from said totes with lots work more to go!


Have a wonderful day.


12 thoughts on “Just In Case…

  1. I am just getting caught up with you! Wow! You have been a busy gal! Enjoy every minute of it. This is your time of year and you’re doing what you like to do best. Unload those totes, deck those halls, trim those treeS (cause I know you have more than one!) and just have fun! We’ll be here when you get back. I’m still unearthing emails from three days ago, so you know I’ve been up to my ears, too! ❤️

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