Makeover #5 – The Purple Room

The Room That Has Changed More Times Than I Can Keep Count!

The bedroom I am currently using as a “home office” has worn many, many hats.  Its first and foremost purpose in life is a bedroom.  The colors for this poor room has been a rainbow to say the least.  When I moved in here it had blue and white flocked wall paper which was in very bad shape (no salvaging it). After a long and tedious process of removing the wallpaper we discovered the walls were what everybody is crazy mad for – shiplap only this was original to my 1921 home.  After removing all the glue it was in good condition but had a few rough areas and was so dark.  Well that all was covered by another style of wallpaper –  striped.  No I didn’t decorate this room at the time.  I had a foster daughter living with us and I let her pick the colors and theme to help her feel more at home.  Needless to say, she did not get settled in, had too many problems and had to seek professional help elsewhere.  I have seen her since leaving the home 20+ years ago and I am happy to report she has a family of her own and is doing fantastic.

My oldest daughter wanted this room and so once again, I let her pick out the colors and theme…what a wild and crazy girl!  After this crazy urged passed (thank goodness), she decided on a more calm and “grown up” look.  I have to say I was thrilled when she chose lavender, buttercream and white.

This room became known as “The Purple Room”.  Before my daughter moved out and into her own place, the room became her daughters bedroom.  We have used this room for many other things but kept it purple. It was our plan to use it for the grand kids and gave it a fresh coat of paint.  But, they chose the bigger bedroom with the “bigger bed and TV”.   That really worked out to my advantage!

I love the purple room.  To me it’s relaxing, makes me smile and happy.  I have my old glass top dining room table in here as my desk (it was my crafting table), with my pink wing back chair, lamp, old vanity and a roll top desk. It really is a big room with two great windows which I am facing looking out, that let in an enormous amount of light.

I love coming in this room for many reasons – it holds almost 30 years of memories for me and it makes me smile looking back and watching them all take place.


Daughter’s Wild and Craziness

Grand Daughter’s Room

My Office

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