In my mind I’m doing cartwheels, stomach full of butterflies, mind won’t slow down…..

Yesterday, Robin and I worked on our kitchen floors to almost midnight.  This morning when we woke up, I was like a little girl at Christmas.  I was so anxious to see how they turned out.  My arms, back, hands, shoulders and more….are sore but worth it!  We still have another step to go then they will be sealed and finished!  I found the hardwood for our open shelves and it is beautiful as is.  We will put a coat of polyurethane to seal them and that will be it done! I have our kitchen put together in my mind and am so excited.  We are taking it a little easy today….but not that easy! Work in progress is never done or takes a long break. The pictures does not do our floor justice they have a marbled look and I absolutely love them. Our kitchen is still in very rough form but is coming along nicely.


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