Two Small Steps, Shaking Uncontrollably, Anxiety Leads to Weeping….

Yesterday I wrote about Robin asking me what did I want to do (regarding my life plan)…today, I took two steps toward that journey with hopes of making my dream come true.  I applied for a business license and Federal EIN.

I told Robin what I had done and then it hit me – I became petrified, overcome with anxiety I started weeping.  My mind was spiraling out of control with a kazillon thoughts of what if’s…..Robin laughed and held me close and told me it was going to be ok.  I told Robin and my mom this is the second most terrifying thing I have made a decision to do.  The first was filing for a divorce.  My mom says to me, with the mother’s knowledge, wisdom and in a reassuring voice – you survived and managed to get through a divorce.  You grew and became a better, stronger person.  This?  This you can do, it will be fun, this is your dream, you can make it happen.  Thank you momma, I have a wonderful support system – MY FAMILY!!

So here I sit at the computer remembering I don’t have any money, I don’t have merchandise, I don’t have this/that.  But oh how I can envision my shop already set up and how extremely happy I feel! Those few thoughtful moments make me smile while my stomach is churning and turning to a different beat.

I’m hoping to gain a mentor during this journey and if not, at least maybe be one some day….

Keep me in your thoughts and any encouraging, helpful advice will be most appreciated!!

Love to all



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