My Favorite Weather Is Bird Singing Weather

Yesterday’s weather was amazing!  At the end of the day we reached a delightful 72 degrees.  I got to open the windows in the house and say goodbye to some of the stuffiness from being closed up for the winter.  Now I know Mother Nature likes teasing us during this time of year but I have to take advantage of her sunshine and amusement whenever I can!  I’m cleaning and dilly-dallying around the house when I stopped to listen to nature and the magical music flowing in the air.  I could hear the frogs serenading their loves with the most a beautiful love song, the birds singing their perfect pitch melodies and of course the dogs chit-chatting excitedly spreading neighborhood gossip.  There was a steady breeze that swept through out the house – clearing out (ok more like stirring up) dust, cobwebs, and other unwanted mustiness hanging around.  It was my perfect moment.

This morning is a very pleasant 65 degrees, windows open, had coffee on the front porch while listening to a chorus of birds filling the air with the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.  They are singing with a full and happy heart, singing for the all the world to hear in perfect harmony.


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The first sign of Spring at The Robin’s Nest!!

My daffodils bloomed overnight 🙂 Soooo excited!



Wishing you a blessed day and weekend filled with love, laughter and beautiful music!


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