A Dream That Can Not Be Forgotten…

I’m driving on a familiar road downtown when suddenly I come upon a closed intersection.  I turned into a convenient store parking lot only to discover I couldn’t go around the blocked road, so I put the car in reverse and started backing up.  I brake but nothing happens, the car does not slow down or come to a stop.  Instead, even though I put the car in drive, it continued in reverse while gaining speed.  I continue to try braking but by this time I am in the middle of downtown traffic, several lanes with cars in all of them.  I couldn’t stop, slow down, turn the car around, blow my horn or brake. All I could do was drive or guide the car in reverse.  I shifted my body to the right side to look over my shoulder and behind me to keep from hitting oncoming cars.  I could not see anything coming toward me on the left side of the car or pay attention to what was going on around me.  I noticed the bicycle/parking lane was clear so I steered over as I frantically and holding my breath drove this out of control car. I noticed the roads, sidewalks, outside benches and trees were covered in snow and ice.  My windows began fogging up then suddenly everything around started slowing down noise, movement… I began seeing mounds of snow so I deliberately headed toward them hoping it would slow down if not stop my car, still nothing.  The road I was traveling on had a steep hill that lead to an area that was surrounded by bamboo.  I knew the bamboo was thick and strong and would probably stop the car.  I veered to the hill thinking – hoping between the steep slope and bamboo this would end my nightmare. Instead the car sped up slammed into the bamboo and glided over each stalk as if I was in a field of grass.  You see,  on the other side of that bamboo was nothing but air – the car never stopped, the bamboo didn’t slow me down.  I started screaming as I watched the car plummet downward in mid air and could feel my body thrashing from side to side – only to realize Robin was shaking me wildly trying to wake me up.  I think I was screaming out in my sleep. I lied there numb for a second while Robin held me tight,  I grabbed a hold of him terrified.

This dream has haunted me all day.  I have tried to make some sense out it but can not.  I’m so afraid that I am going to have some type of tragic or devastating set back or occurrence this year. Why else would I be going backwards in a familiar well known place?  Oh how I pray that I do not.  I pray that this is my family’s year.  The year of triumphs, happiness, healing and much needed financial blessings.

I have put a tremendous amount of thought into not sharing something so intimate, personal and invasive with you but can not shake the images of each scene that flashed before me.

Someone so uncertain,




13 thoughts on “A Dream That Can Not Be Forgotten…

  1. What a terrifying dream. I’m so glad Robin woke you when he did. This is probably totally off base, but I wonder if this had anything to do with your daughter’s health issues last year. Going in reverse to a previous time. Out of control because that’s how you felt. Trying to do everything you could to make it stop, but feeling helpless. I’m certainly not a dream expert, but that was the first thing that came to mind. Let’s hope that dream was a way for your mind to get rid of the bad stuff. Sending hugs and love!

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