I Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Morning….

Saturday I took some time out for some much needed reorganizing of my crafting supplies. I didn’t place them back correctly after decorating for the holidays and they were a slight mess.

We bought Maleigh a sewing machine for her birthday and she loves sewing! I’m so excited that she does and have been buying her fabric and little projects to keep her interest. Now she has a small cabinet for her supplies!

Not much going on really, finally thawing out 😊 and enjoying the beautiful sunshine 🌞! It turned into a beautiful Sunday after waking to a cloudy morning.  We hit 64 degrees!! People outside in their shorts and t-shirts, I opened the windows and turned the thermostat to OFF – it felt amazing!! This is why I get Spring fever so incredibly early….I have to keep in mind this is just Mother Nature playing around a little 😉

I hope everyone has great week.






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