Baby It’s Beyond Cold For Me Outside


It was a balmy 17 degrees this morning and we now have three water mains busted on our street.  (We woke up to a partially flooded front yard).

While taking Maleigh to school this morning, I saw one of our neighbors walking her 6 year old grand daughter to school.  I watched several people pass barely slowing down much less not offering a ride.  When I reached them of course I asked if they needed and a ride and they were so grateful and accepted.  I didn’t offer for any type of recognition, a pat on the back, or way to go….I offered because it is the decent and right thing to do!! Come on people where’s the love and compassion!! SCREAM – sorry that just tore me up this morning.  She said nobody ever offers a ride.  I told her if they needed a ride to school to please let me know.  She then informed me that one of our neighbors home (three houses above ours) caught fire around 2am this morning.  How on earth did I sleep through that?!  The home is not a complete loss but I slept through the sirens, fear, panic and rescue – the mere thought of me sleeping during all this has me startled!  I am truly thankful no one was hurt and all are safe.

I hate cold weather and would have to hibernate in a place where it's snowy and icy all winter!

I am so hoping we see warmer temps and begin to thaw out here.  Our utilities (natural gas/electric) bill are already outrageous and has put a huge dent in finances.  We have had one frozen water pipe here but my fasting acting, very smart husband thawed it out with no damage.  I’ve never been a fan of winter and try to make the best of it but can not wait to sing the songs of SPRING and warmer weather!

Robin and I were talking earlier this week about how this time last year we were wearing short sleeve t-shirts and shorts – yes it was that warm.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t get to use the fire pit due to drought and unusually warm weather.  NOT THIS YEAR! Instead it’s too cold to be outside!


Stay warm my winter month friends and stay cool my summer month friends.  I hope everyone has a weekend of filled with laughter, love and fun.


8 thoughts on “Baby It’s Beyond Cold For Me Outside

  1. I’m okay with winter. It’s the ping pong back and forth between rain and snow that annoys me. Throw in the ice everywhere and the frigid wind and I get over over pretty quick. Today the sun is shining which is nice. I hope Mr. Sun sticks around for more than a day or two. Have a good weekend Robin 🙂

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  2. I’m with Roda, anything freezing is great! Actually, anything above zero is great. We had a couple of weeks of frigid temps. Nights at twenty below and wind. Yuck! Robin, this will make you laugh. Walter figured out how to open TWO doors to escape a couple of days ago so I was outside without a coat and barefoot in tge snow trying to catch him. All turned out ok, and my cold toes turned toasty warm when I came inside. I think I’d better keep a pair of shoes next to the door. But of course, Walter will eat them!

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