Just Say Thank You And Leave It At That

Earlier this week I get a phone call from someone who means the world to me…I could never ever put into words how much I love her, care for her and treasure all the small and insignificant (to her) things she has done for me.  She says I ordered you something and you should be getting it this week. She goes on to tell me what she ordered.  I start saying things like why, you shouldn’t have, I mean really?  Why?  You need to save your money, spend it on yourself, your family! She tells me in a stern voice – Robin why can’t you just say thank you and leave it at that….So I humbly, apologetically and with a heartfelt breath say thank you, I appreciate you doing this more than you will ever know.  She laughs and says gotta go.

So I’m sitting on my couch today when a UPS truck stops in front of the house, driver gets out with a package and starts walking up our sidewalk! I become excited, opened the door and there on the porch lays my brand new HP Chromebook!! I sent her a picture letting her know it had arrived and how excited I was!!  Now I’m trying it out.  It has so many functions!  I can’t wait to use them all – oh joy rapture!!

Image result for hp chromebook


I love you so very much for EVERYTHING you have done and for being the person you are.  THANK YOU – truly from the bottom of my heart.


13 thoughts on “Just Say Thank You And Leave It At That

  1. This is so beautiful and it got me thinking I should follow suit what she said and just appreciate all the thoughts and care that went into… I tend to say ‘You shouldn’t have done that’ just like you, but show our appreciation should be the thing that’s most rewarding to the sender of the gift. Great post!

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