The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude: A Greeting and Love of a Happy Pet

This may sound or seem silly to some but I love when I am greeted by our two dogs (Scarlett and Rango) every morning, noon, night and each time I walk in the door whether I’ve been away for two minutes or hours.  Each greeting is the same – that joyous, happy, wild and crazy with excitement lots of wagging tails and an expression of “Finally you’re here! It has been forever since I last saw you!”… kind of brings a big smile to your face.  Our dogs follow use everywhere we go in the house.  So much that I’m constantly tripping over Rango (he is so stealth and will walk up behind me or in my blind spot-never fails).  They love being with us no matter what room were in.  If I’m cleaning, they will lay in one place in that particular room until I move to the next.  Same goes for when I’m working on my blog or Facebook.  They lay in the room with me anxiously awaiting for our next move.  Ok maybe not anxiously, more like passed out, snoozing, dead to the world snoring all relaxed.

Look at them-those sweet faces only a mamma could love!! Scarlett had red eye in the 2nd photo (that’s why her pic looks a little odd!)

Scarlett literally hugs me.  She wraps her paws around my waist buries her nose and face either in my stomach or arms and will stay there for as long as her legs will hold her up.  Rango is not a hugger he is more like a well um, he falls to ground while we’re petting him like a rag doll – drooling….like oh yeah, that’s it, that’s the spot….then jumps up remembering he was greeting us!

Rango 002

One of my morning routine is to wave to Mia after they drop Maleigh off at school.  Rango has now caught on to me waiting by the door watching for the car and he to waits looking.  It is the most adorable thing I have ever seen and fall in love with him watching him patiently sit there.  Scarlett is to hyper and can’t sit that long!


Our pets are not allowed on the furniture but if they can figure out a way to “sneak a way to semi-end up in our laps”  while watching TV you can bet they will at any given moment.  We have two very spoiled dogs in our house and it’s a great feeling knowing they love and willingly give us their full attention.  A pets love has been proven over and over to be therapeutic and healthy for both human and animal, I believe this to be true!

Much love from~


10 thoughts on “The Gift of Gratitude

  1. My animals keep me going some days when I wouldn’t otherwise. right now I have a Great Dane on either side of me and one of them is snoring up a storm. I have a snorer and a restless legger and I’m grateful for them every day of my life…even Walter. 😉

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  2. We have a cat who is also not allowed on the furniture. So, of course, when I went downstairs in the dark last night, and flipped on the light she was standing on the kitchen island just staring at me! I love her but she drives me crazy 🙂

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