The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude: Seasons

I am grateful for the seasons and the adventures they bring in life.

Winter is a time when the earth sleeps, rests, begin a few months of rejuvenation. It’s also when we enjoy being hugged by your favorite comfy sweater, wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket or find yourself lost in a good book, rediscovering the delightful taste of hot chocolate!  I like to think of winter as a time for us to become reacquainted with loved ones, after a long and busy year. I also think of winter as a time for celebrating the reason for the Christmas holiday – the birth of a Savior.

Spring is when the earth awakes with  beauty, music (nature’s song) and life. It’s also when we get to see nature in all her beauty and awe. I love the vibrant colors of such newness-a miracle. Spring is when we get to feel the sunshine and its warmth while enjoying the brisk clean air that fills our lungs with each deep breath.

Summer, ah summer. Sand between the toes,  buzzing of the bees, picnics,  grilling with neighbors, friends, family. Fireworks, hot dogs, baseball/softball,  vacation, working in the yard, gardening-the wonderful taste of freshly grown produce, swimming and fishing, lying under the skies watching fairies (or lightning bugs depending on where you’re from) to playing until mom yells it’s time to come inside…  Whew I think summer wears us out only to prepare us Fall/Winter.

Fall a time for harvesting,  the beautiful second “dance of color “, kids going back to school – school plays, football,  pumpkins, apples, halloween and Thanksgiving. The fragrant aroma wafting from the kitchen of soups and veggies grown and stored for those hearty severed meals…

Now that we are a year older, experienced happiness, sadness, received many blessings, it is time once again to settle down for a long winters nap.

Much love from~



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