The Gift of Gratitude

You are the sister I got to choose | 

My dearest friend Roda is kicking off her 31 Days of Gratitude Celebration and has written a beautiful sentiment for her first day.  I love this person with a sister’s love and am so very grateful to have found her.

Which will begin my 31 Days of Gratitude Celebration: Friendship 

Most people stay in or nearby the city, town or area where they grew up.  I being a preacher’s kid did not have that luxury.  I have no contact with the people I called friend when living in one particular area for a year maybe two if I was lucky.   Since starting my blog and searching/looking to find my “niche”, I discovered a family of “internet friends” thank you Elizabeth for your most helpful advice.

I look forward to comments, posts (even though I have been very busy to stop by for a cup of coffee and visit), little surprises awaiting me in the mailbox and instant messages filled with excitement!  I feel that I have known these dear people all of my life.  I am so very grateful to know that I can reach out to them when needing a shoulder to cry on, a good hearty laugh or a simple hello how have you been.  I know that during these shorter, less sunshine filled, loss of color days some people go into a state of unhappiness.  Let us be grateful and remind ourselves to send a hello, I love you, or simply ask how have you been.

I truly hope that everyone has a blessed weekend filled with love, laughter, and joy.

Much love from~


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