Home Sweet Home

I got back from East Tennessee Sunday evening and was greeted by a big beautiful smile and the warmest, strongest, tightest hug ever.  Then, I had to succumb to two very, very excited and happy to see me dogs – Scarlett would not leave the back door while I was gone (that broke my heart).

First let me say, I had forgotten how much I miss “home”.  When I saw those beautiful mountains rising majestically to the sky, I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace and comfort.  I cried tears of joy, tears of being home.  All of us (mom, sisters and brother) feel this way and yet we all live 3-4 hours away.

Friday evening my family stood in line receiving friends for four hours and Saturday morning the ceremony was beautiful (if there is such a thing) it was full of hardy laughter with great and wonderful stories/memories shared and weeping tears of goodbyes.  I believe the procession line was at least if not more 50 cars long.  What a beautiful testimony to my Aunt and our family.

After the service my Uncle, Aunt (mom’s other sister) and I were leaving the funeral home from picking up plants and other items, I commented on how much they are respected in the community by their peers and everyone as a whole and how much of a pillar they are and have become in the area.  My Uncle thanked me and was moved by my thoughts.

Even though my visit was of great sadness and difficulty, it was also a homecoming as well.  We my mother, sisters, brother and I were joined with my father in spirit, (his ashes were scattered in the mountains) once more.  The rest of my aunts/uncles, cousins were so very happy to see me, the guilt of not visiting more often was painful.  I will go back…

We have no additional news on Heather.  Her headaches came back and her medication has been changed.  I have threatened to call her doctor but she has told me firmly that I can not.  Being a mother can turn one into something fierce and she knows just how ferocious I can be.  I will hold back but not too much longer and she is very much aware of this.

I still call her daily sometimes more that once checking on her.  Robin kept check her while I was away.   I am a very blessed person with a loving family and I can only hope that the doctors will give us some answers soon.

I have said this before but will continue to say Thank You All for your kind words, support and “internet” friendship.  It means the world to me.


14 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Welcome home Robin. Glad the journey was joyous in the face of sadness. I have to say, you tell your daughter! Mama bird needs to be happy so if she’s gotta through extra so that your mind is at ease, she better!

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  2. Glad to hear you are home safe and sound. I know it must have been difficult for you to go and to leave. As for Heather, I can’t even imagine what you must be going through, to say nothing of what she’s facing! Next time she says you can’t call the doc ask her how she would feel if she were told she couldn’t speak to the doc if her daughter was ill. That might give her a little understanding of where you are coming from. Sending 🤗ss and ❤️ss

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