Tata and Nana

It rained all day Sunday and we woke to a chance of rain yesterday (Tuesday).  Robin had a 6am meeting and by 7:15am was on his way home.  I know we had just spent the weekend together but I can tell you I was never so happy or relieved to know that he was on his way home.  Robin gives me the strength and courage to face what I must without him knowing.

Heather and the girls stopped by for a few moments for a wonderful visit.  The Maleigh and Mia wore their Tata out!!  I don’t know who was the happiest to see each other.

Did I ever tell you how Robin got the name Tata?  When Heather was pregnant with Maleigh (she lived with us) we were discussing what (we Robin and I) should and/or wanted to be called after Maleigh was born.  I without a doubt wanted to be Nana.  Heather wasn’t to keen on the name 😦 I quoted these words..Awww poor Nana – that was all it took :).


We were trying to think what Maleigh would call Robin.  Grandfather in Spanish is Abuelo.  NOPE – um Maleigh is not Hispanic.  Grandfather, Granddad, Grampy too old, Pop was taken for someone else, Papaw, Pappy no no no.

For those of you who may not know, Robin is quite a few years younger than me and from the beginning of our relationship Heather called him Taco (he didn’t mind it in fact, all her friends call him Taco) none of the “older sounding” names fit.  This was becoming a quest, a mission and a fun one at that.  Heather likes the comedian Jeff Durham and during our conversation he, Jeff Durham was on TV when out came one of his characters – Melvin the superhero guy.  As we were semi watching TV and discussing the issue at hand, we hear da-da-da-dahhhh… eureka!! That’s it-Tata!! He smiled and said I like it.  It fits him perfectly!  The grand kids loves their Tata and the name is so fun to use, say and tell the story.

The girls didn’t want to leave the house, Heather was getting another bad headache and was tiring out.  We rounded everyone up said our good byes,waved as the pulled out the driveway, then walked in the house exhausted.  Whew! They can wear you out.

I can’t but help worrying about my daughter and her family.  I can’t help but think of all the what ifs….but I know that I have the strongest, most loving supportive person standing by my side to help me get and my family get through this difficult time.

He really is my superhero, knight in shining armor (became that 12 years ago).  He told me last night he did’t like my sad posts on here.  I said I was sorry but it’s what is in my heart right now.  He simply said I know and it’s ok.

I’m headed to East Tennessee for my Aunts funeral. I want to thank everyone for being so caring.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend.



2 thoughts on “Tata and Nana

  1. Robin is truly your prince in shining armor! What a true gentleman! Stay strong my friend. Wishing you well on your journey…love and hugs!💚


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