Phase I – Root Canal, To Be Continued…

I’m the type of person that does not like going to any kind of doctor and won’t take meds if absolutely not needed.  I feel that I have a fairly high pain tolerance so I put everything off until last minute or the pain becomes intolerable.

Today Friday, 6:40 a.m. I’m sitting in the dentist chair mouth wide open with a confirming diagnosis of a dreaded root canal.   I have teeth issues but keep putting them off until, you know…. with that being said, I had been dealing with a tooth ache for a week and finally made an appointment when I could no longer eat or bite down without excruciating pain (resorted to soup and yogurt). Doc looks at the x-rays discussed a few things going on and told me what needed to be done right now.  I’m texting Robin with the details of the findings as well as the financial side…he is texting back is the crown going to be gold for the quoted price, I’m cracking up and everybody was looking at me with that goofy confused look.  Of course I had to tell them that he asked if the crown was going to be gold…

I give them the ok and the doc begins the numbing process.  I hear those famous words “you may feel a little sting“.  That “little sting” felt like he was using a jackhammer for a syringe with razor blades dipped in alcohol on a burning torch!! My eyes flew open and I’m trying to tell him had badly this was hurting but he continued on saying it will get better in a minute.  Now for a second numbing sting….same reaction this time with a few tears, we may have it numbed now, NOPE third shot huge crocodile tears and body starts shaking, let’s test to see if she’s numb – NOPE fourth shot stream of tears and body shaking more. Let’s give her a little rest.  Ok she should be numb – NOPE fifth shot, I’m crying and shaking, hurting while trying my best to hold on when I heard him say we gotta stop I’m yelling no! JUST DO IT GET IT NUMB! Of course I’m saying this with my mouth wide open and a bite guard in place, lips and tongue numb…I said again DO IT! He says ok – we’re doing it.  Not only did it take 5 shots to get the nerves, gums and tooth numb, we discovered I have TMJ.  The pain in my jaws from holding them open plus being tense is indescribable.  Almost 2 hours later (1hr 45mins) and 5 numbing shots, I walked out with a temporary “filling/crown” and will have to continue phase 2 of the root canal in a week.  The dentist told me he had never seen someone with a pain tolerance as high as mine because the nerve/root on that tooth was damaged and in very bad shape. He couldn’t believe that I had lived it with as long as I did (almost 3 years).

I’m glad that’s over for now – jaws, gums, face SORE and very swollen.  Still eating soft foods – not looking forward to next week – but my tooth is not hurting.  🙂

I wish everyone a safe and blessed weekend filled with lots of love and happiness.




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