Some call the season Autumn while others call it Fall – either way I love it all…

I know it’s not “officially” Fall but, with these cooler mornings and evenings, the anticipation of a new and beautiful season makes for an exciting mood and attitude!!

I don’t know why I become all giddy and childlike around this time of year, (Christmastime I’m beyond childlike but that’s for another post).  The thought of a majestic, breathtaking painted Fall scene, the feel of newness in the air, the sound of crunching leaves on evening walks, and that cozy, comfy,  heart wrapped in love moment makes me feel so secure, loved and alive.  It’s as if I can reach deep down inside and wash away all the cobwebs, dust and musty smell that’s been hanging around all year, yes my soul comes to life as it smiles, begins to settle in for a comfortable, warm next chapter … for me that will be 51.

I look back and think could it also be the thought of a memory running through a pile of leaves, carving pumpkins while eating homemade chili, making smores by the camp fire? Trailing riding on horseback through the mountains, hayrides, corn mazes and apple festivals?  Or perhaps hearing the crack of a softball bat holding my breath watching my girls play the game they still reminiscence about, the cheering and excitement from a scored touch down …. ah that glorious sound of an air horn singing, boasting as loudly as it’s lungs can give in a joyful, triumphant, heart full of pride moment for my daughters as they boldly march on the field to give a performance of their lifetime….  lovingly and peacefully sitting by the fire listening to my husbands soft tender voice as he tells me about the events of the day or lying on a blanket looking at the stars realizing so many wonderfully good things about my life…

Yes, it is all of these things and more wrapped up into one.  I am so thankful for a new beginning with the season, a new reflection and start as I anxiously await to make more wonderful memories with my grand kids and family.  I am so very blessed and I pray that I never forget just how truly blessed I am.

Some call the season Autumn while others call it Fall, either way I love it all.


11 thoughts on “Some call the season Autumn while others call it Fall – either way I love it all…

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