Not Your Typical Day

For the first 10 days of July we have received almost 4 inches of rain – year to date 35 inches of rain!  Overall the garden, grass and flowers have loved the benefits of daily watering until these past few weeks.

My squash and sunflowers have now developed mildew on their leaves – treated them early this morning with a natural homemade remedy found on Pinterest, and I haven’t been able to mow like I want and the yard looked like a hay field!

Yesterday morning, Sunday, I started up the mower and began mowing the front, side and some of the back but had to wait for the rest of the back (closest to the creek) to dry a little more before attempting to mow it.  Around 2:00ish I ventured out on the mower to see what I could get done…I was in my own little world….I had just left Robin in his workshop (he was working away on kitchen projects and listening to music).  I liked one of the songs that was playing so I danced around the workshop a little then headed out the door – still playing the song in my mind and (in my own little world), drove the lawn mower smack dab in the middle of the wettest part of the yard…the no brainer part was I knew it was going to be that way!!! There I am stuck tires spinning, sinking, marred up to the deck….I become instantly frustrated!! Mad!!! I could not believe that I did something so STUPID!!

Image result for lawn mower stuck in mud

(this is not our picture but looks exactly like what I did only mine a litter worse)

I’m pulling, tugging but could not get the mower unstuck by myself so I yelled for Robin to come help.  He became frustrated when he saw what I had done and started asking why – this didn’t make it any better.  Here I am pulling with all my might on the lawn mower saying some not so nice things under my breath, while Robin loudly expressing are you going to let me help? I expressed loudly back to him to grab the mower and help!  The lawn mower now unstuck, I’m even more frustrated, Robin still frustrated turns and walks back to workshop.

I get back on the mower start it up, moving slowly forward while taking a deep breath with my mouth open and somehow managed to swallow a bee!  As I have “matured” I have developed some new allergies – such as poison ivy and bees.  I have had to go to the doctor for both.  I managed to get the bee out of my throat but not before it stung me.  I started panicking, my mouth was tingling, throat and tongue on fire.  I think I was so mad from getting the lawn mover stuck, swallowing a bee and getting stung that the adrenaline kicked in at turbo-NOS!  I finished mowing the yard, parked the mower and walked to the workshop to let Robin know what happened with the bee.  He instantly became concerned and told me to go take some Benadryl and lie down – so I did.

After a few minutes of settling down I began to notice that it felt like something was stuck in my throat.  Robin was inside with me when we both noticed my voice had changed some due to throat swelling and becoming sore. He sat with me for a few minutes.  I began to get sleepy (one Benadryl knocks me out) and tried to sleep but the dogs who are extremely curious, nosy rosy, whenever anybody walks out their door or on the road had to announce every time this happened.  I would jump out of my skin at each occurrence! Needless to say, I didn’t get any rest.

This morning I have a sore throat, still swollen but survived.  I’m thankful my throat didn’t close up on me – it was a frightful thought that kept going thru mine and Robin’s mind….


13 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Day

  1. Oh man there is something in the air. I would have had a heart attack if I swallowed a bee and I’m not even allergic. I hope you’re feeling better today and that it gets even more better tomorrow! If you get some more swelling, please go to the ER. We’ll be worrying until your better!

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  3. Only you could swallow a bee after getting stuck in the mud. Not because you are inept, but because your luck seems to go that way sometimes. I have never heard of anyone being stung by a bee in the throat. Only you. I have seen some mowers pretty well sunk in the mud, but not that bad. Only you. I think there needs to be a new division of labor. Robin mows the lawn and you do the workshop stuff. Bill and I have had some realizations along those lines. He doesn’t do laundry (pink underwear…his!) and I don’t mow. I have the better end of that deal. It takes him about six hours to do our yard and about 8 if he ventures out behind the barn. Laundry is easier, but he doesn’t want any more pink underwear!

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