Oh my, what can I say?  Thank you Penny for the Versatile Blogger Award Nomination.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Penny Lane’s Thoughts you really don’t know what you are or have been missing! Penny is a phenomenal writer.  Her love and passion for writing exudes throughout all her posts.  

It is an honored that someone considers my blog high-quality standard writing.  I write what is in my heart, memories floating in my mind or grief and pain I am feeling. Oh let’s forget about amazing photos – ugh – I will try to get better.  Ok, ok shall we get started?  Oh but yes…

What is the Versatile Blogger Award?

Bloggers nominate other bloggers who they believe deserve recognition for their high-quality standard of writing, the uniqueness of content, passion, and love displayed throughout the site and to top it off, amazing photos!

Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share their link.
  2. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs. Also, inform them about the nomination.
  3. Reveal 7 facts about yourself that your readers may not know.


Seven facts about Robin at The Robin’s Nest

  1. I am a Gemini and will turn 51 Tuesday (June 20).
  2. I send out Christmas cards to people all over the world (I joined a club via Facebook) and have kept all of the cards I have received.
  3. I am a very sentimental person and have an extremely difficult time of letting items go – very rarely do.  I had to give up my 1920’s sofa not to long ago, cried after telling it goodbye while driving away.
  4. I am not a morning person.  Use to be a night person but that is changing – honestly don’t know what kind of person I am now.
  5. I am 17 years older than my wonderful husband. Yep it’s true!
  6. I detest living in apartments, townhouses or condos.
  7. I hate absolutely despise horror movies and will not watch them. I can not go into “haunted” houses, mazes, cornfields, anything “haunted” they terrify me.

Here are my nominees:

Just a quick note – I know not everyone can participate and that’s AOK – no guilt here!  However, it is a great way to meet, greet and learn about bloggers that our peers appreciate.

Lacey – https://bigandpinkytoes.wordpress.com/

Mandy – https://thebrokegirlsguidetobetterliving.wordpress.com/

Jauch – http://eduardojauch.blog/

Rhonda – http://pollyannaspath.com/

Again, thank you Penny! I appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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  1. Nicely done Robin! I hope you had fun with this. You and I have a lot in common. I don’t like scary movies and I hate living in an apartment. I also form attachments to inanimate objects. I had a very old, very large desk that I had moved around with me for years. When I finally had to give it up, yep, I cried.
    Thanks for doing this Robin! You’re awesome!

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  2. Congratulations!!! You are very versatile and I love your posts! I am also pretty sentimental. Happy early birthday! You share the date with my wedding anniversary 😁

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  3. Thank you for the nomination! I still consider myself so new I only just learned what blogger awards were last week! I can tell you I thoroughly enjoy yours, AND all of your photos. I admire all of your crafts and décor and only wish I was half as talented. Am also a Christmas card hoarder, have never been a morning person and am becoming with age less of a night owl, and have an aversion to anything horror. Agree you are deserving of the nomination 🙂 Will try to post today or tomorrow sometime with mine. Thanks again! Hugs!

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