Gratitude and Grateful

I am stealing a few moments of the morning to let you know how deeply I appreciate you, your comments and support.  I am so very grateful for all of my “spiritual friends”.  Feeling the compassion and honesty from your comments makes my heart grateful for a friendship that is ever lasting.

I have tried to read some posts late at night but haven’t been very successful.  I have read where some of you are hurting, suffering, are exhausted and holding on as tight as you can to that rope.  I want you to know that I am right there with you in spirit, mind and similar situation. I/WE have to believe it will get better!

I feel if there was ever a time to hold one another up, it is now.  I pray, send, and wish you peace, love, blessings and above all else strength to make it through another difficult or tying time.

For those of you who are experiencing joy, achievement, accomplished goals I say – kudos!! Way to go!! Success!! Woo-hoo!!

Love to all~


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