via Daily Prompt: Crisp

For the past couple of nights we’ve actually slept with the windows open!  Can you believe it? Sleeping with windows open in June?!?  We have awaken to a crisp 56-58 degree morning with the high of 70!  It has been wonderful, so refreshing. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.  Today temps creeping back up in the 80’s and we are expecting 90 degree weather this weekend and next week.

In Chattanooga we host an event called Riverbend.  It seems like every year the weather waits for Riverbend to start (tonight) and decides to fly into summer like a screaming banshee.  We are expecting about 300,000+ visitors for this event only not to mention other venues going on around the area with very hot and humid 90 degree temps.  I will be enjoying a pleasant air conditioned home and making my own kind of music!!

Have a great day!



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  1. I had the chance to sleep with the window open as well and it truly was refreshing and restful. Somehow the fresh air made me feel as if I had slept so much better and living in the desert, even if it gets hot during the day, the nights always cool off enough to be comfortable.

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