A Heart Filled With Pain and Sorrow

Outside my family, I usually don’t contribute to a political or religious conversation – nor do I start one but today,  I am doing something a little different.

I remember as a little girl hearing the older generation saying this world couldn’t get any worse and talking about the end of time.  I became frightening and began worrying that I wouldn’t grow up and get the chance to enjoy life. I grew up – still enjoying life but now I’m the older generation thinking this world did get worse.


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Every morning, afternoon, evening ALL DAY reported news on the TV / Websites is nothing but destruction, agony, pain and despair.  Are we becoming numb to such words?  Is it that we no longer hear what is being reported?  Do we see that we now have men/women guarding events with firearms?  Is this becoming a normal way of life? Are we thinking to ourselves “That couldn’t happen here or to me”.

This world is in such turmoil and dismay.  It saddens me deeply with all the devastation and chaos…leaders failing all around, no one making sense anymore. The bickering, pettiness, finger pointing, blaming of others…are we children or responsible adults?  Why is that someone thinks they are better or have a better way and use whatever means to make that point? There is no one person or country better than the other or to blame.  We are ALL in this together whether we accept it on not – we all live in the same universe – we are a whole – WORLD!

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  1.  the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features.
  2.  a part or aspect of human life or of the natural features of the earth, in  particular.




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I know there have been bleak, dismal times in history (to highlight a few) and those challenges were overcome and conquered. Can we conquer and overcome these times?  These challenges? What will the history books read about us? How many lives were lost, what was achieved?

Will the 21st Century be known as the time of evil, destruction, hate, malice, chaos, fear, turmoil?  How much longer is world going to last for us?  Our youth?

I believe in God and I believe he gave the world to us as a gift.  Instead of treasuring, preserving, cherishing this gift; we have slowly but surely been destroying and ripping it apart since the beginning of time.

The thought of rainbows, butterflies, laughter, peace, perfection and harmony seem like a dream – a dream I very much would love to see happen to this world.




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