It Wasn’t the Bluebird of Happiness…

The weekend was busy it rained pretty all day Monday – so this was the excitement for the day…

I’m walking my dogs back to the house from their daily feeding / bathroom breaks I feel something hit me on the shoulder and top of head. I look up at the sky no birds – whew.  Having all kind of crazy thoughts….was it a spider, a worm, a big bug that is now in my hair!!! Walking faster to get inside to see what it was, I turned around to look in the back door window and there on my shoulder and in my hair was a glob of bird poo!!!  Come on!  Really? Grossed out and instantly in a bad mood, I got the dogs inside ran upstairs, carefully removed my clothes and jumped in the shower.  While washing my hair I was making absolutely sure the water was running from the front to back of my head with no accidental water running down in my face. I was mumbling some not so happy things…bluebird of happiness….

Related image

Later that evening I began laughing and thought to myself, “just be glad it wasn’t a goose!”



6 thoughts on “It Wasn’t the Bluebird of Happiness…

  1. Or an owl! Those things poop rodent remains. Although I suppose that wouldn’t have been so gooey, but *shudder* I wouldn’t want that either! Now, to make you feel even better, I mean the whole owl thing should have put things into perspective, right? To make you feel better I want to share with you the fact that birds pooping on your head brings good luck and riches! Google it, I kid you not. Feel better now? It could have been worse, that bluebird of unhappiness might have been an albatross around your neck!

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