A Brassy Hair, Disrespectful, Noisy Neighbor

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My home is surrounded by baseball/softball fields, a children’s park equipped with a walking track and tennis courts, a lake for outdoor fun in the sun as well as your typical old homes – some older than ours along with the ones built just a few months ago.

On my street there use to be several businesses now turned homes.  One particular business (Card’s Paving Co.) – unfortunately driven in the ground from the irresponsible “adult” children and “adult” grandchildren (I use adult very, very loosely) after squandering away all their “riches” left by father/grandfather, was a booming taring/paving company located directly beside me. When I learned a paving company was moving in beside our house I was livid!! Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do. Oh the pain and agony of being awoken by dump trucks, semi-trucks, the awful smell of diesel. My evenings ruined with the sound of equipment unloading, the awful smell of diesel. My weekends ruined with the sound of equipment being worked on and serviced for the next week/job, the awful smell of diesel…..I was more than miserable I was in hell (so I thought)! After a few years of this noise, noise, noise I became accustomed to the routines and eventually learned to drown it out and was able to live in a somewhat peacefully mindset.

I am not to shy a neighbor, I will eventually get around to saying hi and chatting with you…Mr. Card and I would have the occasional meet and greet over the fence or in the street by the mailbox discussing the weather, his garden, the family, etc. He use to leave fresh grown veggies from his garden on my front porch and in return I would keep an eye on his business during the week/weekend after closing.   Mr. Card put his heart and soul in the business and after his passing two years ago, it deeply breaks my hearts to see what his family has done in such a short, short time to his legacy.  This well respected, generous, hardworking man’s reputation destroyed.

“T”, Mr. Cards grandson, now lives across the street from us in one of the homes the Card family inherited, has long greasy brassy hair, in his late 20’s might be 30 (I call him Fabio, he is continuously sweeping his hair from front to back or side to side)…..has turned out to be the most rude, brassy, thorn in my side, headache, worthless no good person bum I have ever met. His goal in life – literally, drugs, sex and rock-n-roll.  He has a “band”, which by the way is hideous! They practice in the large building that use to be the maintenance garage for Card’s Paving Company, located directly beside me facing our bedroom, for hours and hours and hours.  Let me express the meaning of hours – they begin this racket around 11:00am Monday and play until 1:00am Tuesday! It doesn’t matter what time, which day or how many days through the week! This has become my nightmare, my hell!

Image result for rude neighbors

I have talked to T about the issue at hand, asked if he would end his playing at a decent time, offered some suggestions; play on the weekends only or if have to play through the week quit around 10:00pm that same day.  Oh but no this inconsiderate, disrespecting, brazen punk played every day/night of that week….I have complained, called the police, just recently learned that others around me have done the same and still no assistance from the police department. Sigh, this is a loosing situation.

and yes – I have done this very thing PLENTY of times…. Image result for disrespectful neighbors

I miss Mr. Card and the roaring sound from the equipment and trucks, the friendly conversations, the wave of hand as they close up for the day….


11 thoughts on “A Brassy Hair, Disrespectful, Noisy Neighbor

  1. Damn that really sucks. I know that feeling. We once had a downstairs neighbor or who blasted his music which was fine until he left it on the entire night… And he wasn’t even home!!! Not only that he smoked weed inside with no windows I’m guessing cause the smell would float up through our vents. He got real pissed at us cause we’d rat him out to the landlord all the time but we would always politely say, “it’s better than the cops but we’ll be happy to call them instead if you prefer”

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  2. Hmmm, the guy must sleep sometime. I would gather the neighbors together and come up with a sleep-deprivation plan. Obviously, he has one for you folks. Lawn mowers, Gather the kids for a noisy game outside his windows. Actually, better yet, scrounge all of the forgotten instruments from kids who have outgrown band or just plain given up. Bring those instruments to the edge of Brash and Brassy’s property line and “practice” your musical abilities. If someone is a true trumpet player, hand them a drum. You get the picture. Start practice around 6 AM on a Saturday. Sure, that’s early, but you’re not getting any sleep anyway. Might as well make it fun. Make sure all of your neighbors are on board. Actually, invite them all to come and participate or be the audience. If he looks out his window to see who is making all of that noise, he’ll see the whole neighborhood. Solidarity, baby! Alternatively, take videos of his sessions and post them on YouTube. My guess is that will make him very self-conscious. I like the instrument idea though. Bonus points if you include a bagpipe!


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