How Sad It Is To See The Mighty Fall…

Thursday I heard a loud ruckus coming from the front side of the house, I admit I can be am a nosey neighbor. So I stepped out on the front porch to the sound of buzzing chainsaws, tree limbs falling and a person in a bucket truck way way up high in the top of the tree. Me not be the nosey type entered the front door only to exit out the back, walked over to that side of the house observing while waiting for the guy standing on the ground look in my direction. Success! Motioning him over I asked what happened. He proceeded to tell me that after a few storms we had, they were cutting the tree down. I said completely? Yes. I was saddened. He said I live here. Oh! I didn’t recognize him. Yes I should have due to my neighborly responsibility and duty of being aware of my surroundings… nevertheless, did not.

He was unhappy with a limb almost falling on his truck and they (he and his wife -both young enough to be my kids) didn’t like the tree. I asked if they had bought the home, no renting month to month because it’s so old and they want something new. (hmpf)

So I’m thinking who gave you the right? Who gave you the right to cut down the tree all because you didn’t like?  This tree that has been here way way way before you were born! Now angry!

This tree has provided homes to many birds and squirrels, been played around, climbed on, perhaps proudly displayed a tire swing, have carved initials encircled by an heart somewhere along the trunk, hold many secrets both heartbreaking and heartwarming, while providing an abundance of shade and protection from the weather. Why on earth did the person who owns the home want the tree gone?  She had lived there almost 30 years as well!  I couldn’t believe she agreed.

I went back inside and watched them cut, drop and sling limbs into the mulching machine like it was nothing.

Friday morning about six more guys showed up with chainsaws two more trucks and mulching machines. Working like bees they left, with the tree stripped of all it’s glory, around 5:00 p.m. Robin and I walked over to look at shambles and I couldn’t help but feel a quiet sombering reverence for something that once was and still could be beautiful.  I believe the rest will be mulched as well.  I was taking pictures and saw Robin standing by one of the divided trunk sections and snapped this picture just to give you an idea of how majestic in size it was.

Something that took years and years to grow was taken down in just two days.


7 thoughts on “How Sad It Is To See The Mighty Fall…

  1. I feel you on this even as we debate whether or not we might have to get a tree in our yard cut down 😦 My conscience says no because of the critters that live in but whoever built this place didn’t think very well because this big ole oak is 6 inches from the foundation and is starting to have negative effects near that side of the house. Still in debate mode for now.

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  2. Robin, I am so sorry to hear about that wonderful old tree. We have an elm here that is near and dear to our heart. This summer we will have her inoculated against Dutch Elm Disease. To think that someone decided to just bring your beautiful old neighborhood tree down with little reason is heartbreaking to me.

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