Nonsense With A Touch of Silliness

The more you get to know me the more you will learn that I very much believe in the magic of a child.  I love the fairy tale stories and watching my girls and now grand kids believe in their magic.


I tell Maleigh my oldest grand daughter that I believe in fairies and we go out looking for them on our own little adventure (she saw 6 during her Spring Break week at Nana’s).  I tell her the lighting bugs glow are fairies.

In my heart I believe in the magic of Christmas and become the BIGGEST KID around the holidays.  To this day, I still enjoy watching Disney movies (without the grand kids around) and listening to Disney radio either on Pandora or YouTube.


Image result for winnie the pooh characters

Growing up my youngest daughter Holly, loved Winnie the Pooh and I loved believing in him with her.

Wednesday, I learned his magical 100 acre woods and Christopher Robin’s home is for sale.

The country home of Winnie the Pooh author AA Milne is up for sale.  It is here where the wonderful stories of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh came to life.


Oh how wonderful it would be to live in something so near and dear to my heart.


I hope to never loose the magic, the thought of a silly old bear, fairies, a prince and princess or the traditions and little things I do during the holidays.

Wishing you a great evening and a wonderful new day.


8 thoughts on “Nonsense With A Touch of Silliness

  1. i love the magic of childhood too! 🙂 my husband and I took a solo trip together to disneyland and had so much fun there! sometimes it’s just nice to indulge in some fantasy, even if it feels silly..!

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  2. Robin! You have such a lovely blog! I’m surprised that I was not following you! Well I am now!!!
    Oh Robin, let’s go spend some time at Winnie the Poohs house! 🙂

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  3. Magic and silliness are so important. I wear a silver crown (ring) on one of my fingers. I told my little niece that it’s a magic crown and I wear it on my head when I “turn small” in the night and hang out with the fairies. To keep my little crown safe, I wear it on my finger during the day. Every week she asks me if I “turned small” in the night. I love this stuff. It keeps childhood and innocence sacred and special, and makes it last just a little bit longer. Everyone grows up too quickly these days!

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