And Yet Again…

This is another thank you post to Eric at It’s A Dog’s Life for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

I’ve had so much fun these past few days meeting/greeting some fabulously, wonderfully talented people.  It’s A Dog’s Life is a truly what it says – a man and his dogs and the tellings of adventures, pleasures and everyday living between compadres.  A joy to read!

I won’t be nominating anyone with this post – seeing how I have 20 followers, thank you so very much, and three of these newly found followers are the ones who nominated me.  Sniff, sniff, wiping away a tear… I would like to thank the academy, my mom and dad….sorry, got ahead of myself (hee-hee).  But I do want to answer his questions and say thank you!!


  1. Given a choice of ice cream — or non-dairy treat,  which flavor would be your favorite? I’m old fashion when it comes to ice cream-I LOVE VANILLA!
  2. If given one all-expense paid adventure, would you (a) fly on the Virgin Galactic near-space flight, (b) bungee jump –where?,  or (c) visit one of the world’s most romantic cities – your pick? Buongiorno! Benvenuto! Italy (of course I would have to learn a little Italian first)
  3. If you were traveling in a country where they preferred barter over cash, what 3 things would you bring with you, to exchange? Gee – I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking….
  4. Assuming you have food and water, which are you more afraid of being lost in:  a swamp, a desert, or a large city like Tokyo or Istanbul? I HATE insects / reptiles!! I HATE the heat/insects/reptile.  
  5. Which would be a perfect date: dining at a 5-Diamond rated restaurant, running with the Pamplona bulls, or a box seats at your favorite sporting event? Hmmm, likely to get trampled by a bull(s), food is food…, Box seats sounds great! 
  6. What is your least popular chore you do at home? All of them! 
  7. If you have a nickname – or were given one -by friends, school chums, or family, what is it? Spivey Jane-my dad called me that (he was the only one to give me a nickname).
  8. Do you have a favorite leisure activity other than writing or blogging? I love sitting in the front porch swing or tiki bar with my husband.  I love vintage / antique stores, crafting and attempted decorating our home.
  9. If you could spend a day with your favorite person in world history, who would that be? Who would it be???
  10. Some tree species are the oldest living things on earth.  They have been witness to incredible history.  If you were reincarnated, for arguments sake, would you come back as a Giant Sequoia or a Bristlecone Pine tree? Giant Sequoia!
  11. Would people describe you as a romantic,  cynic, or a goofy person? Yes, primarily goofy, cynic, sentimental/romantic.


Have a great day!


10 thoughts on “And Yet Again…

  1. Yay congratulations and so well deserved. Your answers made me smile and I feel though as if I have known you forever. So glad our paths have crossed and get ready for your blog to grow like wildfire. It’s refreshing to come to your site and I’m quickly growing into your biggest fan. Many hugs and much love to you xoxoxo

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  2. Loved these! Of course, I’ll be the idiot to ask the personal question. Why on earth did he call you Spivey Jane? Just an aside, the Urban dictionary was of no use whatsoever in figuring this out! Congrats on your award and it is very much deserved. I love your blog, and just like RhapsodyBoheme (your alleged biggest fan) says, your stats will soar! So RhapBo…bigger fan than I am, huh? Ok, so maybe you’ve known her longer and I might have to give you points for that, but I’m nipping at your heels girl! 😉 I love you guys! ❤


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