The Beginning and Sadly the Ending For Some of Nature’s Own

We are experiencing an unusual amount of birds this year.  Robins, Finches, Brown Thatcher (Thrush), Cardinals and of course the common black birds. We have nests all over this place! The front porch (formerly a Robin’s now a Finch’s) with another Robin’s nest at our back door!! Literally! She makes us a nervous wreck.



The Robin’s Nest

No matter how respectfully we try to exit the house (our car is parked out by the back door side of the house) she jumps up and is out the nest zoom! We are so afraid that an egg will fall out or when they hatch one of her babies.


Also, if you have read my post about a laundry room makeover, you would know our laundry room use to be a “small porch” and was enclosed and turned into what I call the laundry room.  A window left in this room and I have decorative flowerpots hanging on the outside of this window and that’s where momma wanted her nest. Every time I walk in the laundry room – out she zips like a whirlwind!  Not only do I have to worry about momma and her ability to leave the nest in record time, we have feral cats. I may not make this birth celebration!

Image result for squirrel

We also have a lot more squirrels this year.  Last week I was so upset arguing and complaining about them getting into my bird feeders to the point I greased the shepherds hook, moved items from around the hanging feeder in hopes this would stop them.  Oh no, the sneaky acrobats learned a new way! (Sigh)  So after about an hour of trying to learn their secrets (watching intense observation) I found myself laughing so hard at these what I call “a rat with a fluffy tail” squirrels, I gave in and let them eat with the birds….which surprisingly the birds and squirrels eat together.

I enjoy very much working in our yard and moving the lawn.  Last week while mowing something happened to JD (mower) when all of a sudden the loudest clanging and banging noise started coming from the deck.  I just knew I had really messed up my prize possession, my jewel. When I first moved in this home (30 years ago) I was a much younger, in better shape, no surgery needed  woman, person, female ok girl and pushed mowed a little over an acre yard. Well, as time goes on and you know a few years later…..blah, blah, blah let’s just say if I had to push mow this place I would be in traction for a long time. So, Robin bought me a riding mower (Hallelujah) our first girl, Rosie an antique like me. I had her a few years and thanked her every time I mowed the yard and for another season.  He came across a deal he knew he couldn’t pass up, on a new and improved model and brought him home and was beaming!! I call this one a him because it is a John Deere and I’m a dork I know….anyway Friday evening Robin removed the cover from JD to take look at what might be wrong and there was one of the squirrels lying under the cover – dead.  We don’t know what happened other than it may have suffocated from the cover and heat.  I felt horrible!! 

Saturday we saw a baby bird too young to eat much less fly lying under our willow tree. We kept watching for momma but never saw her.  Baby bird was gone Sunday morning (hoping for the best).  We spent most the day outside Sunday and later in the day Robin found another baby bird different than the one from Saturday lying under the same willow tree.  We watched and watched for the momma.  No momma to be seen anywhere not a bird in sight.

Related image

Robin couldn’t take it, he picked up this baby took it over to our bird feeder/water and started giving it water by dropping water in its mouth. He came inside excitedly holding this sweet baby telling me it was drinking! Then he went back outside found some worms and yep, cutting and grinding them up tried to feed the baby. He was cleaning the baby bird up when it went to sleep…..


He came in a little down and told me what happened.  It was a sad moment for both of us.

Robin is and always will be a loving, kind and gentle man.  I was never so touched by the caring tenderness of this wonderful man while watching him trying to nurture and save that little bird.  Nature has a way of showing us love in all shapes, sizes and form….




4 thoughts on “The Beginning and Sadly the Ending For Some of Nature’s Own

  1. Aww what a beautiful story even though it had a sad outcome! Its the effort that counts and I’m sure that baby bird was happy someone was with it in the end 🙂


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