Words, Heartfelt Connection, Friends

I feel like I have gained many friends through blogging – why do I think this?  I’ve never met you personally (face to face), I’ve never spoken to you verbally (only through typing a comment or sending emails), I don’t live near or in the same city / state as you! So why do I call you friend?

Have you ever been reading something someone has written and felt that instant connection?  Have you anticipated their thoughts or comments while writing your own post? Have you ever felt their hurt and pain through their words and cried with them? Have you busted out loud laughing at one of their comments, quotes or posts? Have you ever said to yourself, “I know exactly how you feel or what you’re going through”?  Have you ever emailed them and they responded very quickly answering your questions?

I have experienced this with some of the wonderful people that I “clicked on the follow button” and now think of them as a friend.  I have found a new outlet for me that is healing, comforting, meaningful and brings joy to my day. I appreciate the kind words, encouragement, and support given by you.

With this being said, my greeting this week will be dedicated to friends, both old and new.


6 thoughts on “Words, Heartfelt Connection, Friends

  1. Aww what a great tribute to your blogging friends! I feel the same way about most of the people I follow. Didn’t even hesitate in calling them friends! Great post!

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