It’s Not Easy Being A Dog

Meet Rango our 85lbs very much a Robin’s boy


Scarlett our 35lbs very much my girl

These are our Heinz 57 rescued babies who knows the meaning of love!

We have had a very rainy beginning of the year with semi-cool months making it difficult for every thing to dry out and warm up.  The dogs are primarily inside dogs but on days that are too perfect to be indoors out they go – to their partially roofed / very shaded pen.

Wednesday was their first day outside (been a few months).  After realizing where they were going,  Rango in disagreement reluctantly walked with me to the pen. He just knew he was going back inside – um…can we say spoiled.  Scarlett loving it! She was running a 5k in 2 minutes flat, having a blast!  Rango in a sullen disgruntled bad mood let the two of us (Scarlett and me) know just how unhappy he was.  Me being the “mom” stood in front of him pointed my finger and in the mother voice said – you’re going to stay out here for a while and play! He sat down with head hanging, said ok with those eyes then let out a puff.

Thursday morning a pleasant 65 degrees a little overcast, nice breeze and yep outside again!  Rango in the pen protesting with – arf, arf, arf…I walk over to him – I’m outside doing a little work in the garden, tending to the flowers, filling up the bird feeder etc, and say to him – buddy it’s outside today – you need the outdoor and fresh air – as I’m saying this it starts sprinkling and he’s jumping for joy!!! Ugh – I gather them up and here we go inside.  I checked the weather no rain in the forecast about 20 minutes later SUNSHINE  – out they go.

I bring them in for the day around 2:00 pm and the two of them have lounged around as if they hiked for miles nonstop! Our spoiled, spoiled dogs.  The agony of spending a few hours outdoors and not inside.  The life of a dog…..



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