Where is my magical meadow?

I love flowers, I would have to say white gladiolus are definitely one of my favorites.

When the girls were little we would go to our favorite Italian restaurant with a sea of fresh cut white glads in galvanized buckets everywhere. I felt like I was in a meadow, someplace magical … it was magnificent.

I so badly wanted to accomplish this feature in my home so, I planted 200 white glad bulbs – nothing not one came up much less bloomed.  I could not for the life of me understand what happened to my magical meadow.  The soil was good, planted them during the right season, location perfect still no plants.  I was heartbroken.  I tried more than once to grow them.  I even changed to a rainbow selection only a few managed to come up – still none.

I have no idea what the secret is.  Glads are suppose to the be one of the easiest plants to grow.  I hope that one day I can be successful in growing my field of white glads.

These are the top 5 bulb plants I really enjoy and wish I could grow successfully –

  1. Gladiolus (Puzzled why I have none)
  2. Calla Lilly (grew them for one season)
  3. Tulips (NEVER had luck )
  4. Lilly of the Valley (none)
  5. Bearded Iris (have the spikes no blooms)


Until then, I will have to be contented with my houseplants.


2 thoughts on “Where is my magical meadow?

  1. Make sure the rhizomes of your bearded Iris are showing. They cannot be buried by soil or they won’t bloom. They are one of my favorites! I think our very large collection of bearded irises were hit hard by the freeze last night. 😢

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