How Many Times Have We….

I ran in to a locally owned convenient store for a quick purchase

Image result for 15 cents

and came up 0.15 (15 cents) short.


You know that warm turning hot then profusely sweating feeling of embarrassment that immediately sets up on you (and no this was not a hot flash!)….Well the cashier showing no compassion at all over the fact I was 0.15 short and not saying a word but speaking volumes with body language while holding my purchase wasn’t budging.  NO SERVICE FOR YOU!

A gentlemen in the now building up line behind me said how much do you need “hon” (a southern word short for honey pronounced hun). I said fifteen cents, he said in a rather bewildered and shocked tone “what?”she’s not letting you have your purchase over such a small amount?  He said go on, I got it.  I thanked him several times and thought to myself even though I came up short and embarrassed, I would have put it back and walked out, but how many times has someone buying food for their family, diapers for their baby, etc – she been as equally rude, unfeeling toward them while refusing service.  I COMPLETELY understand this is a business and livelihood but, you need to show some compassion every once in a while….


Related image

Which brings me to my next thought…



Image result for person standing on road broken down carImage result for person standing on road broken down car

How many times have we passed some one up walking down the road in the pouring rain or on a sultry hot day, while we are riding in our warm dry / air conditioned vehicle.  How many times have we passed up someone with the vehicle broken down thinking maybe the next person will stop.

Image result for sign help need money for food

How many times have we passed up that person holding a sign “need money for food” and think – get a job.

How many times have we seen someone struggle with groceries or a heavy item and walked by because “we’re in a hurry”.

Image result for long line convenience store

How many times have we complained and said rude things about that person a few dollars or cents short in the grocery line and watching them in full embarrassment have the cashier take items off – instead of offering to help pay what was short.

Oh my, how I need to sit back and re-evaluate myself!

I know it can be a scary experience, possibly life threatening picking up a stranger thanks to a non-trusting, unstable society – and for these reasons, I have passed up those particular people in need of help.  I am very guilty of stereotyping that person asking for money (drugs, alcohol, etc).

I want to be the person to slow down help that person struggling with full arms, hand that person standing on the road with all dignity pushed to the side asking for help a few dollars or buy them some groceries, pay that someone’s few extra dollars over so they can hold their head up walking out the door.  For the person walking on the road, I will have to think about that one – but I could offer to call for a ride or help.

This post has hit home and after rereading it, I have become someone that I’m not happy with.  I do need to be more compassionate, giving and loving.  Be less judgmental, harsh and nonchalant.

I couldn’t help myself – once I got started I opened a gate.



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