Take A Gulp And Take A Breath

After much debated pros/cons discussion, anxiety, uncertainty and down right fear, I turned in my notice at the work place and walked away from a very stressful job with the thought of every thing is going to be all right.

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That was 5 months ago and yes everything has been all right

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but the worrying, the doubt and questioning myself of did I really do the right thing has been haunting me….


I asked Robin Thursday morning if he was ok with me being home.  He gave me the biggest, sweetest, reassuring smile ever.  It made all the doubts, questioning and haunting thoughts disappear. (This is a picture of Robin when we first started working on the kitchen) he flashed that wonderfully beautiful smile and I couldn’t pass up the “Kodak” moment!



We have struggled and had to make some big adjustments and yes more could be made…

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I said to Robin if we think about it, we are spending much less money now due to – 1) Naturally less coming in and trying to spend more wisely 2) I’m not eating lunch out every day or going “shopping” on that one hour lunch break 3) We don’t go out like before and 4) No more take out because of long work days.

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We have become perfectly content staying at home even more now that I’m home especially with dinner ready. I have more time for daily chores, doing some yard work which gives us more weekend time together.

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I know that God will take care of us and I also know that we have to help ourselves as well.

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 I feel in my heart that I did do the right thing and after this morning, I know I did.  I have stopped many bad habits and my demeanor has improved tremendously!! I am a happy person and am loving life.

Making life changing decisions are so very difficult but I really do think that everything is going to be all right.



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