A Dishwasher For the Queen – Yours Truly

When the makeover for the kitchen began, I thought BOOM!  gonna be done in no time – lickety split!!!  We are 3 1/2 months in the renovation…and still looking down a long tunnel.

Trying to keep a good spirit and positive attitude I have thought about what little goodies, decorations, appliances, extras to put back in our new and glorious kitchen.  In my mind I have everything in motion.  Robin recently told me to read a book, make a wreath, do some gardening, something, anything to distract my thoughts and give myself a break. Easier said than done – in my mind I’m constantly doing or redoing things to this house whether asleep or awake!

As I was washing dishes in our now claimed kitchen sink – (upstairs clawfoot tub)


oh, let’s say for about three months with a few more to go…I came to the definite conclusion of – I will be getting a dishwasher that will practically load itself!

We are replacing the dishwasher so I have been shopping around the middle price range, but after these past few months I’m reconsidering that crazy notion.  Our appliances are stainless steel and black and without intention Samsung so we will stay with that brand – I can tell you the options are mesmerizing!  Installation day will be a joyful one.  In the meantime, I will continue to use that beautiful cast iron clawfoot tub for washing dishes after each prepared meal, which makes it easier to eat at home and not spend money eating out.

I hope everyone had a pleasant day.


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