Together We Make A Family

You know that good feeling you have –

Image result for movie theaterafter watching a great movie


satisfaction and stuffed belly after eating a perfectly cooked meal

Image result for family hug silhouette

the love when receiving a warm and meaningful hug….

The visit with my family was the best ever. We ate – there was so much food!, laughed, had an Easter egg hunt, flew kites, made fun of, taunted, mocked each other (as siblings and adult children do) all in fun and love.

Sadly the time had come for saying goodbyes. With a few tears and I don’t want to’s, cars were loaded up and one by one we drove away.  The hardest thing for me to do is watch my mom fade in the rear view mirror while leaving her home.

I am a blessed daughter, sister, mother and Nana





We did not have a professional photographer just everybody reaching and running for their phones to grab a picture of that perfect moment.  These are some of the memories made and I hope you enjoyed my sharing them with you.


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