Eat Out More For Less – Outdoor Living

Temperatures reaching 80 in the afternoon and mid-upper 60’s over night.  Grills are cooking up master meals while fire pits are burning bright and echoed by the solar light lined patios, walkways, and front of homes. The neighborhood is becoming active with people refusing to give in to the days end, children laughing and yelling while playing, the dogs talking to each other and the sounds of “clink” with what seems like thousands of fans cheering faintly heard in the distance.  Kids softball/baseball in full swing.

Although some may not have an area for a complete gourmet outdoor kitchen or a large patio section, some may have an area suitable for a charcoal grill or electric hot plate.  I thought it would be fun to feature some outdoor living areas that are inspiring (both budget friendly and the sky is the limit) for making outdoor living more fun than what it already is!


How to Build a Super Frugal Pergola:

the created home


Erica's Ocean Air -- literally obsessed with my friends Venice apartment. Click the link to vote for her in the Apartment Therapy Small Cool contest!:

apartment therapy


Use a Pergola and a tarp as a cover option for the grill area:



Affordable Outdoor Kitchen - cinder  blocks and a wood counter (cinder blocks could be covered with a rock, brick, or tile facade to upgrade it a little):

Sure, outdoor bars can be as ornate as you’d like -- but they also work equally well in a DIY, easygoing setup. This one has all the necessary elements -- seating, storage, serving -- as well as colorful extras with container plants, wall hangings, and an umbrella. But the materials -- a wood counter and concrete blocks -- and setup come together in just an afternoon./:


You may have plenty of ideas for the backyard of your dreams, but those infinity pools and sunken fire pits and outdoor kitchens — well, they cost money:

apartment therapy


25 Awesome Backyard DIY Project Ideas on Budget---Built in outdoor grill space. #Backyard #Grill:

cool creativity

Get the look of an expensive outdoor kitchen for less. Surround a gas grill with a modular DIY cedar structure that you can customize to fit your backyard.:


Bar afuera terraza:


Outdoor living room.:

brooke giannetti

Dining Ht Bar, again 36" sunken serving area:

urban land inc

The possibilities are endless….

Enjoy spending time with your family, friends, pets, each other….making wonderful memories (also spending time outdoors gives you an opportunity to meet and greet new neighbors that may have moved in during winter).


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