An Old Steamer (Packer) Trunk Found In A Barn

This is the trunk I was talking about in a earlier post and for now, is residing where the grandfather clock was temporarily placed.  Still debating on this location.  I love this old thing for several reasons.  My dad found it in an old empty barn and thought I would like to have it :).  I’m sure it has so many stories good and bad.  I can’t help but wonder why was it abandoned? Who left it?  Where has it traveled?  I have kept it in the same condition as found when daddy gave it to me about 24 years ago.  I love the age, the history it may secretly hold and think it is beautiful. It is perfect for storing so many things-trust me it is full! Mom has a gorgeous black steamer trunk that is in wonderfully perfect condition and I have coveted it ever since I can remember dad bringing it home when I was young.  (He either traded something or found it for mom).

I am on a mission to find the perfect – can’t live without it – piece to hang above on the limited wall space.   I threw the decor on top of the trunk for photos.  I will change it out with a more seasonal and/or cohesive look.  Right now, everything blends together.


I have one just like this one and I painted it an old red many years ago.  It has been used as a night stand, end table, coffee table and I love it.:

Courtesy of Pinterest

This could be an option


hydrangeas on an antique trunk:

Courtesy of Pinterest

I love the beautiful vase and flowers.

This may be what I do in this area – I really need to decide before my mission of finding a piece for the wall begins!

White faux flowers are becoming my decor theme this year.  Robin agrees with me when saying, I’ve never used this much floral inside as I have now.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE FRESH CUT FLOWERS however, Michaels floral department is incredible and you would never know the blooms aren’t real until you touch them.

I am still it the process of putting my living room back together while dealing with the fish tank issue.  In the meantime, I will try to take advantage of the rainy weather and do a bit of “Spring Cleaning” YAY!  Tried to feel a little enthusiasm or a rush of excitement over spring cleaning but – nope, nothing…

Have a joyful day and restful evening.




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