Batten Down the Hatches! Oh, and Brain Rambling on and on, and on, and on……

We are in for some bad weather today, Wednesday.  Earlier this morning I put the patio furniture under protection out of the wind, removed all my throw pillows, cushions, flag, anything else that could get blown away from the front porch and began the waiting game. While waiting, I starting working on my blog. I logged in and this happened.

Be advised – this post consists of ramblings and truly thinking out loud of my thoughts –

Image result for think cloud with scrambled words

I am obsessed with the status count tab on WordPress


It lets me know how many people have visited, read, liked, commented on posts and are following me.  I become very discouraged by the numbers and feel like I am not doing something right.

I see all these successful bloggers and wonder what is their secret.

So I google “How to be a successful blogger” and read somewhere along the 2000 word mini how to course – do not repeat topics or use “go to words”, make sure your posts contains something visual (even if it’s not related to your subject), be humorous, keep it interesting, research your main interest(s), prepare a layout with pertinent information to refer to, include how to’s but not too many – (to name a few)  oh and do not use Wikipedia use your own words (research) – Hmmm…..

Related image

I’m thinking I use a little humor and my posts are somewhat interesting.  I use my own words unless – it’s a factual point I would like to make.  My research in most cases, come from past experiences but, if I’m talking about something that I have very little experience with (which is not often) I do research it….Perhaps I’m not thinking my posts through, giving enough details that apply or are related to my post theme – home decor, gardening, adventures of making our house a home, etc.?

I am a very impatient person and need to see results quickly if not immediately. When I write my posts, I’m thinking 100’s if not more are out there reading my blog and with much excitement and anticipation waiting to receive likes, comments, numerous views….I load my page and there it is….rubbing it in my face – showing me less than 100 some times less than 20 people acknowledging my blog.

Image result for shaking fist in air cartoon

Ugh, curse you status counter!

When I say successful bloggers, I’m referring to the number of followers and comments received.  Eventually I would like to become like some of the bloggers I follow with company sponsors, endorsements, etc.  – Oh, be patient little chick!



As for now, I am just wanting to find my niche, the right layout – then watch that little status bar explode off the page!

Long sigh-ramblings and all.



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