The Changes of Spring at The Robin’s Nest

As promised…here are a few pictures of what Spring touches I have started adding these past few days, plus a little bit more of our home….

I have an open living room / dining room and is divided by a doorway without doors. If you are standing in the doorway of the dining room this is the living room view –  I am not 100% happy with the living room furniture layout but I don’t have many options.


I realize the ceiling fan is so outdated…and the furniture is placed odd in this room.

  1.  I have had different styles of furniture in this room
    • Cottage – antique 1920’s sofa, 2 wing back chairs and a few pieces of Chippendale furniture, large rose oriental area rug (design details in pastels).  This room was painted a very soft pastel/muted blush color with floral prints/fabric and lace curtains everywhere.
    • Non traditional English decor – 2 pieces leather furniture (sofa/armchair) in oxblood color additional suede sofa chocolate brown.  Heavy, bulky furniture (an ornate detailed carved entertainment armoire that consumed the entire wall almost touching the ceiling) the current paint color, and a deep burgundy, hunter green, navy and white (not so detailed oriental) area rug.
    • Semi – Farmhouse – 2 cream color chaise lounges which I absolutely loved. They weren’t practical for a living room (gave one up and kept the other) an old trunk my dad found in a barn, antique furniture and a cream color shag style area rug.
    • The current look – Eclectic
      • I loved the leather furniture and some of the other pieces I used for the non traditional English decor – but lost them in the divorce….
    • I chose as a replacement of the antique sofa / chaise lounges this leather sectional.  It seats everyone comfortably when visiting and Robin likes the “chaise lounge”.  I am not happy with the wing back chair and will eventually replace it. (I found it at a storage unit facility getting ready to meet the dumpster!) It was and still is in perfect condition.  I had it reupholstered to match my cottage theme.  Now it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  2. I can not put the sofa up against the window due to the air/heat register location (the only one for this area) and it’s too long. I detest the cords showing behind the sofa – they go to a fish tank, lamp, and lights on the mantle.
  3. I am not a fan of putting the TV above the mantle unless in a man cave-this is the only solid wall for a TV.  The cabinet below the TV use to be an entertainment armoire (we are using the top as storage in another room). I loathe seeing the wires going to/from the tv/cable box.  We will be hiding those in the wall somewhere down our to do list.


The round item you see in the doorway to the left is my kitchen table top!  We had to take it apart to get it out of the kitchen.  To the right of the TV are double french doors which lead into the kitchen, powder bathroom, the “Red Room” (Robin’s office/temporary pantry) and upstairs.

I have planned for Robin to repaint this room – probably around fall/winter 😦 he has his plate full right now.  I will replace the area rug – hopefully soon.  I may just go ahead and be a big girl and paint the room myself.

I will not paint the brick on the fireplace.  I do not like painted brick.

This is the right side of the mantle above the built ins

and this is the left side

the command hooks are still up from hanging the Christmas stockings!


I know the right side of the hearth looks bare (will be changing it out soon) and for a reason.  This is the cabinet side the toys / movies are in for the grand kids.  I have to choose something that will not get broken or break the glass panes in the cabinet doors.

IMG_20170330_142434I’m sure some of you are thinking the current coffee table is under scale for the sofa which is probably right, but it works for us (Robin and I usually sit lay in the corner when watching TV) and especially when I have the grand kids here, which is going to be more frequently until summer break.  I went back to the thrift shop and the table was still there!  After a brief discussion with Robin, I came home empty handed 😦 He thinks we don’t need it.  I agree that we don’t need it in the living room but it still is calling my name…I’m thinking a bench somewhere (hee, hee)…

If you are standing in the middle of the living room – this is currently what I am calling the dining room.


We are using the base of the kitchen table as a make shift table and it is sitting against the top part of my hutch that was in the kitchen (we had to take it apart to get it out of the kitchen).  I could not stand looking at the mess behind it so I threw a few things on top to trick my mind! It does and is driving me crazy!  Those are the vegetable seeds Maleigh and I planted last week!!! I can’t believe how well they are doing.


To the right of the makeshift table is the front door.  Behind the door I have a bench that belonged to my grandmother’s Ethan Allen dinette set that is well over 80 years old.  I love and treasure it. We actually sit there more than I thought.  It is Robin’s favorite perch when watching the kids trick or treating, with the grand kids watching the birds, squirrels, neighborhood walkers, school buses….. To the left of the table where my grandfather clock is sitting, is the other french door.  Usually I don’t put clocks opposite of each other, especially different styles!  But, I had to improvise.  The grandfather clock will be moved once we get everything back to “normal”.   If you pay close attention to the left side of the dining room, you will see the fridge! (on the other side of the fridge is an entryway into the kitchen).  All in all, I can’t wait to see the end results of our kitchen and am excited to share them with you.

We truly live in our home inside and out! We use every nook, corner and cranny.  Most of the time it has dust, dog hair, crumbled crackers, toys, drawings/art giving to us from Maleigh lying around.  I clean on a regular basis but when a home is lived in with as much excitement and family traffic we have – I sometimes can’t keep up.  I thought I wanted the “museum”, white carpet, don’t touch anything, can eat off any surface – type home.  That would be lonely and dull.  I will take the occasional messiness anytime!


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