Slooooowww Dowwnn…

My minds is racing with a kazillion thoughts flashing by as I think about so many projects, updating, and getting rid of stuff all at the same time! As of this weekend, I am in Spring/Summer updating mode.  I will be heading to Michaels for some much needed updating decor and DIY’s – the best kind.  I love Michaels floral picks and the coupons offered via internet!

I am on a mission for new throw pillows – ones that won’t slide down on my leather sofa.  I love textured, printed, colorful an assortment of all types.

Muitas almofadas deixam um sofá muito mais aconchegante!                                                                                                                                                                                 More: Gorgeous 3d designs and craft ideas for adding texture to interior decorating and making pillows for unique room decor:

I want a new area rug – I love the one pictured with the sofa.  I use to have one similar to it.  I’m thinking I may have to go with a darker tone due to the grand kids and dogs!

And…Robin will be surprised may even faint when he reads this….painting the living room. Yes, I’m ready for a color change. I always thought of painting as a “winter project” you know when you can’t spend a lot of time outside but, since working on the kitchen, I’ve been noticing other areas that need a little boost, pick me up.

The best way to update a room is with paint. I absolutely love the way our updated makeover rooms look but I must tell you one of my least, very least, absolutely will avoid it at all times (if possible) update is – painting.  It is not, never has been or ever will be something I enjoy doing.  I will paint if held at gunpoint but other than that sorry – no. Whew! Glad I that got off my shoulders…I love to watch Robin paint not because I don’t like to but, because he makes it look like art, a pastry chef frosting a cake.

Here is a sample living room I like.  I already have a dark brown leather (sectional) sofa. The decor is completely different than what I would choose but am drawn to the straight lines, chrome/dark wood combo and the simplicity of the overall decor.

Classic Dark Brown Leather Sofa from Bassett:

I’m not sure if I want to paint the walls white – my built in bookcases on each side of the fireplace, mantle, front door, all door facings, french doors, trim molding are white. My kitchen will be white and my dining room is done in a gray tone. I’m thinking an off white would work but will need to play around with the colors.


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