I Wish It Could Be Spring Break Forever – Says Maleigh

Day 4 – Thursday

Today Maleigh and I had a little less adventurous outdoor day.  We sort of took a day for resting.  Watching movies, making shrink art, not much barbie playing or running around outside.  I was happy to see the change in the schedule.  What ever is going on with this weather pattern is not agreeing with me today.  I have had that inching feeling of a migraine all day.  The kind that makes you miserable and “ill”!  I really don’t enjoy those kind of days and especially with the girls being with me – I’m not so much fun to be around.  But, we did have a nice day.  Maleigh is heart broken that tomorrow is the last day of going to Nana’s house for Spring Break.  Every summer my girls looked forward to spending a week with their mammaw and papaw – now I know why.  It’s the best time ever when you’re a kid!


Day 5 – Friday

I woke up this morning feeling so much better – headache completely gone and anxiously awaiting for Maleigh’s arrival.  I knew she would have the day planned for us.  That’s the best part of my morning going over these plans and telling me little tidbits of her and her mother’s evening.  She walked to the door with additional toys in hand and I knew it was going to be a whole day of nothing but playing.  And that’s exactly what we did.  First we watched a little bit of Tinkerbell then off to the purple room for a day of playing barbies.   We had a wonderfully delightful time.  We finally got the picture sent off by the wind to her fairy friend.  She was relieved.  We had a pizza party before mom came to pick her up.  She told mom all the news and adventures of our day.

I hope she holds dear these memories and never forgets what it is to be a child and going to Nana’s house…


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