Some Days Are Simply Meant for Playing

Day 2 – Tuesday

I guess this week will be a “Spring Break at Nana’s House” theme….

I have been known as, “the best setting up a barbie house” mom….and now Nana ever! according my oldest granddaughter, Maleigh.  When the girls were little we would play barbies for hours.  We had the doll house, furniture and accessories known to man…but with all that on hand, we sat in the floor and I would divide areas up for each room in a very creative way.  Now, I get to do the same with Maleigh.  This morning I was told numerous times, “I love it, love it, love it”! You’re the best Nana.  I am smiling, smiling, smiling.  I enjoy listening to her play as much as I loved listening to my girls play.

Earlier today she saw me typing away and wanted to write a story of her own.  It was a very two sentences short story but she wrote one.  I typed out on the screen what she wanted to say and ta-da just like that, she copied the words onto her paper.  I was very proud of her.  She was trying very hard to write the letters both lower and upper case. She turned 5 in November and is extremely smart and doesn’t miss a thing!

Today we watched the movie, “Fairy Tale A True Story” and tomorrow weather permitting, we are going to look for fairies.   I love the spirit of a child not because of the energy but for the pureness and magic.  I believe in my heart this is why I am so much like a child during the Christmas holiday. I love holding the spirit and magic of Christmas in my heart which, clearly is shown during that time of year.  Maleigh asked me if I believed in fairies and without any hesitation or blink of an eye I said yes. Yes I do.  She smiled this amazing smile and said I do too Nana.  Magic…






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