I’ll Get You My Little Pretty

Tuesday’s weather was predicting severe thunderstorms with no tornadic activity later in the evening.  We seldom if very rarely get tornadoes here in this area of Tennessee, although a few have touched down.  I was preparing dinner for Robin and me and looked out the front window and my flag was blowing horizontal so incredible fast and hard that it looked “frozen” I knew the flagpole was going to break.  Robin had been home about 15 minutes and I yelled my cushions, my pillows, my stuff on the front porch!  So I ran out the front door grabbing what I could hold (forgetting about the food cooking on the stove) Robin behind me stepping out the door when the wind slammed him back into the door frame and the door shut. I could not get the door back open from the force of the wind holding it closed and sparks were flying from a nearby transformer. I do get scared but practically being a “married single mom” for 17 years, never let my girls see the fear or panic when dealing with storms. Well…that went out the window yesterday.  I panicked!! I was yelling almost to the point of screaming Robin all the time saying breath, breath, breath, I was running back and forth from each room looking for damage, falling trees or limbs.  He grabbed me and says calm down.  I looked at him and said I panicked.  He laughed and said yes you did.  Then the turkey said, I SHOULD HAVE RECORDED YOU!! or slapped you to get you to calm down….you know like the frantic person gets, the scene in the movies….I told him if you had slapped me, there’s no telling what would have happened to you buddy.  You may have gotten more back than you expected. We laughed.  During my frantic rage I call my oldest daughter who lives about 10 minutes from me asked if they were ok.  She calmly says yes why?  I was trying to tell we were getting blown away in my almost screaming voice.  All of sudden I hear her say oh my, it’s here I better get the girls out of the bathtub!  I’m thinking – what! what! what! (like the mom on the phone from A Christmas Story).  I call my youngest daughter who is and has always been terrified of storms.  She lives about 45-50 minutes from me.  They had just lost power and it was getting started there.  I am so thankful her husband was home with her.   After Robin gets me settled down, lights flickering, food almost burnt – just realized I forgot to turn the stove off! and telling me how entertained he was by my reaction.  I thanked God for keeping us safe and protected.

We experienced 80+ mph wind, the neighbor lost both portable carports (cars were parked under them) and their kids trampoline was blown up against their house, some power was lost-that was what I could see during the storm.  This morning when Robin was leaving for work we have some type of power line down in our driveway.  I ventured outside to the back yard to check on the tiki bar and my patio furniture and thankfully all was well no casualties!


4 thoughts on “I’ll Get You My Little Pretty

  1. When it hit, it hit hard! I got the girls out of the tub while the lights where flickering on and off. I start getting them dressed, while attempting to do this task, Mia is screaming momma tree!! Maleigh is screaming its going to be dark if the power goes out! So, I get Maleigh a flashlight, Mia and I watch the trees for a minute then see one of my wind chimes go flying across the yard. I get them in the bed so that I can turn on the weather channel then remember….. the bike. I too stayed calm in front of the girls, but I have to admit, part of me wanted to go running and hide under my mommy’s bed!!! I love you mom 🙂

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