Spring’s Greatest Joy Beyond A Doubt Is When It Brings The Children Out – Edgar Guest

I am the lucky Nana that gets to keep my five year old and two year granddaughters all week for spring break!  I have been thinking about what we can do this week until mom gets home…. I do know one thing, I’m gonna be one old worn out woman come Friday! I’m have no doubt that I will enjoy every moment with them and hope we have beautiful weather so we can play outside.  So here’s to warm baths and Advil.  I feel most positive that I will have some good stories come out of this adventure (wink).


Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a doozie of a week!

Day 1 – Monday

Related image

played barbiesshoppingplanted seeds indoor

Related image

baked a cake


watched a little TV, danced around the room..



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