What Do You Think?

My husband told me a few nights ago that he enjoys reading my stories and wish I would tell more and he thinks my posts should be a litter longer (too short) so does my daughter.  My sister likes the makeover posts (running out of my own makeovers/pics), and I like to include the extras – a morning greeting, recipe, DIY….although this is time consuming.  I do like to include stories but I have drawn a blank in choosing what to share.  I have many many childhood stories but who doesn’t.  I have stories of being a mom, that active mom, an “empty nester” and now Nana.  Which way should I turn, go, look….I will keep an everyday greeting – because I like to say good morning or wish someone well or inspire/encourage someone out there-I know I have been when reading other blogs, try to include a “longer” story more often, the occasional recipe and a cute DIY when spotted.

A blogger friend answered this question for me ://cottagenecessities.me/ through her comments and offered tips from other bloggers. Thank you so much! I have decided to write about my life’s joy, mishaps, progress, successes and blunders of remodeling, decorating and living in an old house with the occasional unexpected.




2 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. It sounds like you’ve given it a lot of thought. And your family sounds very supportive. Give it time. Stay with it. Soon you will find your tribe. I’m always drawn in by your catchy titles.

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