It’s A New Day, It’s A New Week and I’m Feeling Cold…

Getting ready to embrace for a very cold week ahead of us.  I know we are not expecting snow or extreme conditions like the northern part of the county but, I’m so not ready for this, I’m finished with winter!  It is time to move on…..

Late yesterday afternoon Robin and I were sitting outside at the back of the tiki bar while taking a break and enjoying a little warmth from the sun. Today, bundled up and cold…One day sunshine and warm next day hard frost and freezing….This weather is crazy!!

My peonies have already broken ground and are growing likes it’s mid April reaching upwards for sunshine…they’re not going to get much sun this week – ugh.  I will be covering them up each night and uncovering them each morning.

Leaving you with a sneak peek of my peonies in full bloom…


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