Makeover #4

The master bedroom was made over from a printed peach floral covered wall paneling and the traditional brown paneling like the style in the master bath (makeover #1). Yes, paneling with floral prints…then I transformed the room into sea of mauve with hunter green.  I guess I was trying to somewhat match the master bath/bedroom/hall (makeover #4).  No explanation…I can’t believe I am showing these embarrassing mistakes!!


Wow, I completely forgot just how country I was until I found this picture (the only one, thank goodness)!  This is not Farmhouse Style but Good Ole Country Style! Notice the oil lamps turned electric! I did change things out especially the country stuff, but kept that awful color…

master bedroom 2


Yes this is the same room and same furniture! What a difference a little paint makes…After a divorce and me moving out of the home, ex-husband immediately got rid of the sea of mauve/green.

Four years after my divorce, I was given a second chance at living in this home and I jumped on it so fast it made everybody’s head spin.  I know we are not suppose to covet material things but this house is my heart, soul and what I call home.  I told my husband Robin if you were to open up my heart and look inside, you would see this place.  I raised my girls here, tried to make this the best place possible for them, their friends and neighborhood kids. I wanted them to have a place they could call home and recall all the memories of growing up. Not only do they have all that, their children get to play in the same yard their mommy played in, sleep in the same room, share Christmas in the same living room, watch lighting bugs in the backyard….and fill the house yet once again with a child’s laughter.   Yes, this is my heart….



6 thoughts on “Makeover #4

  1. I totally get what you are saying about this house being home for your family. There is a lot of soul here. The spirit of memories, and times spent together are what make a home. And a few room makeovers make a big difference. If you would allow a small suggestion? The bed is beautiful, and would love to have some taller nightstands and larger lamps on either side. It whispered to me. 😉

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