Makeover #2

For some reason our first makeovers were two bathrooms…This is our downstairs powder room. Again, I inherited the wallpaper with coordinating border, blue/pink floral vinyl flooring and a small cabinet/sink combo which I tore out and installed the pedestal sink (myself). I was not going to live with that for a long, long, long time – I did however live with the rest until husband #2 came along and performed his magic.


I must say I am embarrassed to show this room!


Of course decorations have changed since taking first set of pictures. I think some people may be surprised by the dark wall color, I love it and knew it would be perfect! This room sits facing the East/Southeast side of the house and is filled with lots of light pretty much all day.  No, I didn’t put curtains/blinds or anything on the window.  This room also faces the back side of our property that is pretty much covered by woods. And, our house sits on a fairly high foundation. You would have to be 7ft(+) tall to see in the window if trying to sneak a peek… I am so very pleased with the way this little jewel turned out and of course, I am always changing things up!

Sorry, seems like Christmas was the only time I took pictures of this room.



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