Houseplants in the bathroom


6 (2)

  1. Ferns-are one of the most low-maintenance plants around. They love areas of high humidity.
  2. Spider Plant – Another air purifying powerhouse: Spider plant effectively removes traces of carbon monoxide from the air in your home. Only water it twice weekly.
  3. Peace Lily – known for filtering toxins out of the air.  Keep yours in the bathroom to keep things fresh
  4. Cast Iron Plant – This plant absolutely loves the shade. Place it on a windowsill, and make sure the soil stays dry.
  5. Orchid – Tropical Orchids love shaded areas with high humidity. Orchids can be difficult to grow, but not in the bathroom.
  6. Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is one of those plants that is almost impossible to kill.
  7. Snake Plant –  Who would have thought that this plant effectively filters formaldehyde from the air? Place in low light and watch air toxins vanish.
  8. Bamboo – Bamboo requires almost no light to grow successfully. This makes it the perfect plant to grow in your bathroom. Plant it in pebbles with an inch of water or two.


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