Pottery Barn, My Decorating Wish Come True

I remember how excited I use to get when receiving the Pottery Barn catalog in the mail.  It was my decorating wish come true.  I was inspired by so many of their designs. In fact, my living room was decorated after an issue-from the color on the wall, the bronze stars on the mantle and oxblood leather furniture.  Now there was no way that I could afford ordering items out of the catalog but I sure did my best at duplicating some of their rooms with a not so large budget.  I am pleased to say, I didn’t do to bad of a job.  I don’t get the catalog in the mail but, from time to time I go online and check them out – for just in case or oh yeah, I remember now why I like you so much!  I love their designs. I tend to mix design styles in my house and not stick with one particular style or theme.  I like taking risks at times.  If they work great! If not, oh well….try again.

I know Pinterest has lots of PB hacks and pins but, today, I decided to create a board just for Pottery Barn because? Well, just because.  They are like an old friend and I wanted to give them a visit.

This is what I got started but will be adding more.



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