Staying Inside or Going Outside

Spring and summer for Robin and me generally means being outside all day stealing every second of sunshine and fresh air every chance we get!

We have been talking about how it is time for updating our home inside / out. I’m debating on waiting until the dog days of summer for updating more of the inside but it’s so tempting while we are both in a “get it done” kind of attitude/mode.

Our next two rooms will probably be the guest bathroom and living room.  For the living room, I’m hoping we can strip the layers and layers and layers of white paint from the door/window facings and fireplace/built-ins to reveal a beautiful deep dark (original to the home) wood just waiting to be restored.  I know it will be a lot of work so perhaps we should wait until those hot miserable summer days!  I could possibly give it a “sneak peek”…. hmmmm

We bought a sectional leather sofa last year so we really don’t need that piece of furniture but I really want to look into a new side chair(s)?  I’m pretty sure I know the pattern/style and then of course, will want to change the wall color.

For the leather sofa, I have found it difficult to keep throw pillows from slipping down on the cushions.  I really like my pillows and don’t want to replace them.  I’m not having any luck finding a solution.  Pintrest suggests using a heavy type stuffing.  I’m not sure if I want to re-stuff my pillows any other suggestions or ideas?

We definitely have a to HUGE to do list that will keep us busy for a while.  I’m so glad we enjoy doing fixer upper projects.  Otherwise, we just might get bored!!


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